Our products are the ideal solution for your R&D, validation of your instruments, external control, preparation of accreditation, ring trials, conformity assessment, as part of your diagnostic test kit, and much more. We offer you a range of human material in diverse product categories like gDNA, cfDNA/ctDNA, Plasma and FFPE with different genetic modifications like point mutations, insertions, deletions, amplifications and translocations. Additionally, we offer you a range of negative controls (certified DNA free) for liquid biopsy procedures.

Our products are of human origin,

adapted for your use indistinguishable from patient material and manufactured under internationally applicable standards. That’s why we call them „human-tech” samples.

For molecular diagnostics SensID Quality Controls & Reference Standards are:

  • Intensively characterized & Homogeneous
  • An unlimited resource
  • Tailored to your diagnostic DNA marker needs
  • human origin products (as near to the patient situation as possible)
  • products with low/medium/and high allelic frequency (e.g. for Liquid Biopsy applications)

With SensID products which you can

  • validate (diagnostic tests)
  • calibrate (instruments like NGS, PCR, sample preparation instruments)
  • optimize
  • routinely monitor quality

the performance of your assay or experiment.

Use SensID products as a reliable source for external quality controls to be used in

  • Research & Development
  • Performance evaluation
  • sample workflow optimization
  • training of staff
  • training of customers on your instrument or diagnostic kit

Rely on the quality.

With every product comes a Certificate of Analysis (CoA), where parameters such as concentration, DNA-quality, allelic frequence (gDNA, cfDNA; Plasma (human) + cfDNA) or free from DNA (SID – Plasma 2x (human) DNA free; SID - Plasma 1x (human) DNA free), measured with international accepted standard methods, is verified. Ready for your needs in the highest quality to ease your processes.