Commutable FFPE Controls to mimic patient samples

Formalin Fixed Paraffin Embedded Reference Standards, cell line derived.

This group of products can be used in diagnostics as a full workflow control for assays in your diagnostic laboratory or R&D department, as well as for validation and development of FFPE diagnostic or extraction kits. Ashkenazim son is specifically designed as a wildtype control for most cancer genes.

Use the material for method validation, as positive or negative control, specificity control, sensitivity control, mutation control, etc.

These products are ideally suited for digital PCR and/or Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). In particular to

- Validation and development of diagnostic protocols (e.g. amplicon sequencing) and PCR protocols

- Comparison of your own NGS performance with freely available data sets

- routine performance monitoring (for research purposes only)


ProductSKUGeneMutationRequest Product
Ashkenazim Son FFPE Reference Standard curl


Full Genome- Request Product
PIK3CA-E542K 100 % AF FFPE Reference Standard curl


PIK3CAE542K Request Product
PIK3CA-H1047R & -D350N 50% AF FFPE Reference Standard curl


PIK3CAH1047R, D350N Request Product
PIK3CA-E542K 50 % AF FFPE Reference Standard curl


PIK3CAE542K Request Product
PIK3CA-E545G 50 % AF FFPE Reference Standard curl


PIK3CAE545G Request Product
Idylla™ MSI FFPE Reference Set [CE-IVD]


ACVR2A, BTBD7, DIDO1, MRE11, RYR3, SEC31A, SULF2MSI / MSS Request Product
MSI/MSS FFPE Reference Set [RUO]


ACVR2A, BTBD7, DIDO1, MRE11, RYR3, SEC31A, SULF2, BAT25, BAT26, MONO-27, NR-21, Penta C, Penta D, NR-24MSI / MSS Request Product