Ashkenazim son cfDNA in Plasma

„Ashkenazim son cfDNA in Plasma“ is human recreated DNA free plasma with a specific amount of cfDNA / ctDNA. It contains everything what human plasma contains after a blood draw and plasma separation in a clinical situation. Human proteins in common plasma concentrations, Electrolytes, EDTA and cfDNA / ctDNA in common plasma concentrations. EDTA concentration in all plasma products complies with the recommendations of ICSH (International Council Society of Haematology) and the CLSI (Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute) for EDTA in blood collection tubes.

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Product description

Recommended use:
1. DNA extraction control (e.g. instrument qualification)
2. spike-in experiments with synthetic cfDNA
3. Control in workflow validations

  1. Negative Control for EGFR mutations (p.G719S, p.E746_A750delELREA, p.S752_I759delSPKANKEI, p.S768I, p.V769_D770insASV, p.T790M, p.L858R, p.L861Q)
  2. Negative Control for 5 Gene Multiplex mutations (AKT1 – p.E17K;BRAF – p.V600E; ERBB2 – p.Y772_A775dup; KRAS – p.G12D, p.Q61K, p.A146T; PIK3CA – p.E545K, p.H1047R)

Fragment Size (Peak):
~167 bp

Unit Size:
80 ng/ml (total 400 ng)

Allelic frequencies:
100% wildtype

Plasma (human-tech)

Expected DNA Yield:
coming soon

2-8 °C

stable for 12 months from date of manufacture (as supplied)

Quality control

Fragmentation size:
High Sensitivity DNA Kit Agilent

Allelic Frequency:
Next Generation Sequencing

UV-Vis Spectrometer (NIST-Reference method)

Technical background

Derived from:
cell line GM24385 (HG002- NA24385 – huAA53E0)

– lot specific sequencing files: LOT Search
– High-confidence variant calls:
– Raw datasets and bam files, currently including 10X Genomics, BioNano, Complete Genomics regular and LFR, 300x Illumina paired-end, Illumina 6kb mate-pair, 1000x Ion exome, custom moleculo libraries, ~0.05x Oxford Nanopore, and 70x/30x/30x PacBio:



Certificate of Analysis:

Batch Certificate

Lot: 00025

Lot: 00040

Lot: 00157

Lot: 00244

Lot: 00456

other Documents:

Instructions for use

Safety Data Sheet (SDS in other languages ​​available on request. Please contact the support.)

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