Rostock, October 14th, 2020,

SensID and Noscendo combine forces to develop a contamination-free reference material with known human DNA quantity and virus status for clinical system validation. The reference material is developed by SensID and tested by Noscendo to be positive for standard microbial DNA and completely free of contaminating microbial DNA. The reference materials will serve as process controls to ensure highest process quality and validity for patient samples.

In hospitals in Germany, sepsis accounts for a major portion of fatal infections. Adequate treatment of patients with anti-infectives is crucial, therefore the right therapy for the infection-causing pathogen must be selected and pathogens have to be identified as fast as possible and with highest precision. With standard of care, blood culture, this is not always feasible in a timely manner because pathogens frequently do not grow in blood culture or only slowly. Noscendo therefore focuses on molecular pathogen detection by identifying pathogens via cell-free DNA in blood plasma. Noscendo’s DISQVER® pathogen test therefore offers a fast and reliable option to aid intensive care specialists in their daily decisions.

“We have connected know-how from biotechnology and software in an exciting way and have now developed a CE-certified algorithm that permits testing for approximately 1,500 pathogens in less than 24 hours by means of a single blood draw, and thus supports targeted, evidence-based and rapid treatment,” explains Dr Philip Stevens, CEO of Noscendo GmbH, Duisburg.

Björn Nowack, CEO and co-founder of SensID adds: “The current and future importance and potential of our products and services within the area of quality diagnostics is growing rapidly and our flexibility to react on market needs in growth and current niche areas not only strengthens our product portfolio, it creates value for patients through reliable diagnostics.”

About SensID – Bringing Precision to MDx

SensID, headquartered in Rostock, Germany, is specialized in the development, manufacturing and marketing of reference materials and quality controls for molecular, DNA based diagnostics. We offer to our customers reference materials and quality controls precisely characterized and manufactured in compliance with the highest standards. Our continuously growing product portfolio offers ideal solution options for your R&D programs as well as assay and instrument validation requirements. They can serve as external controls, support accreditation, ring trials, conformity assessment, and should be a part of your diagnostic kits.

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About Noscendo GmbH

Noscendo GmbH develops bioinformatic solutions to identify and assess pathogens in bloodstream-associated and related infections. The proprietary diagnostic platform has been validated together with leading German clinicians and will be provided in the area of bloodstream infections. To this end, Noscendo collaborates with leading hospitals, development partners, logistics providers, innovation-driven health service providers and health insurance funds.

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